Radically Simple Security

Security Video



Layers of Proven Technologies Converge in a Familiar, Easy-to-Use Device.

Security Chip


The Qkey eliminates system vulnerabilities with a multi-factor, layered approach to security- making online transactions incredibly secure as well as radically simple.

Secured Browsing

Qkey unlocks a dedicated secure browser that locks down your shopping environment ensuring any undetected malware on your computer won't open you up to "man-in-the-middle" attacks where hackers capture your data as it flows through your browser.

Eliminate Keystrokes

By eliminating keystrokes we reduce the vulnerability created by typing personal data and credit card information into forms on web pages. Now you can shop without typing in web site addresses or passwords, filling out forms or entering credit card numbers; eliminating the most vulnerable points of attack used by hackers to steal personal information.

Physical CAPTCHA

The final security layer confirms your physical presence with a tap of your Qkey. It’s called a physical CAPTCHA and ensures a person, not a machine, is making a purchase.

Internet Security is Broken

Internet security systems continue to fail due to the reliance on purely virtual security solutions. Qkey’s strong security approach relies on multiple layers of physical and virtual security, personal authentication, encryption and a separate security element held off the grid by the user. uQontrol makes people – not systems – smarter by putting advanced technology in your control.