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We want to put you back in the driver seat with security for every keystroke and transaction. Come benefit from Qkey, the highest quality security key on the market.

Not Your Average 2FA Key

It’s time to put you back in the driver seat with security for every keystroke and transaction. Qkey is a security key that you insert into your computer to give you the freedom to use the internet without worry. We are providing privacy and security through a key that ensures a natural and smooth online experience through the “Chip and PIN” card technology right in your hands.

Dedicated Private Browser

Qkey has its own computer, embedded browser, software application, and security-chip.

Dedicated Encrypted Email Service

This security key comes with an email that is private and protected from hackers.

Single Sign On

Your usernames, passwords, shipping addresses and payment information can be saved directly to your security key for easy access when shopping online, and it is always encrypted.

Key Finder

If you lose your keys or phone, there’s a keyfinder built into the device to help you track it down.

The Future of the Internet Starts Today.

Qkey in Computer

A Computer in a Key

We work differently. We offer full control back to the user when it comes to browsing. Our radical solutions provide you with a security key that brings the privacy you need when paying online through three-factor identification. Qkey offers solutions that make a difference.

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Key Features Qkey The Other Guys
Compatible with PC
Multi-Factor Authentication
In-Key Browser
In-Key Email Client
In-Key Storage
Password Vault
Built-in Device Locator


Who should use the Qkey?

Cybercrime has continued to grow in the United States. Online security needs to be taken as a high priority, but most options to prevent it are too expensive. With Qkey, online shopping has become more secure and streamlined. Not only does it assist in online transactions, but it holds all your passwords in an encrypted location.

Why would you want to use this?

Using Qkey, you can eliminate the need to key in all your passwords and information. With one master password, you can have an easier and more efficient shopping experience.

Where does the Qkey work?

Any online transaction can work by utilizing Qkey. Qkey can also work with Windows 8.1 and 10.

What is Qkey?

Qkey simplifies the online shopping experience and secures your personal data. This security key is inserted into any computer and stores your passwords and other information in a secure place. This provides you with a series of security layers and an in-key browser that eliminates the need to key in your information which protects you from hacking.

Features You Want, Security You Need

Qkey brings an unmatched experience to users through a security key that works for everyone.

Technical Specifications


Rechargeable battery
Charges via USB port

Lasts up to
2 weeks per charge

Security Chip

Certification Level:


8 GB


Low Energy Bluetooth


Windows 8.1 or higher

USB type A


1.25" Width (31mm)
2.5" Length (64mm)
0.4" Depth (1.6mm)

Operating Conditions

14 ° F to 140 ° F
(-10 ° C to 60 ° C)