The Experience You Want...
and Security You Control

Setup and Features Video

Your Computer

Qkey Qkey

Qkey works with all Windows OS computers with a USB port.

Your Phone

Qkey Qkey

Qkey is NFC-enabled and will be able to secure mobile transactions with a software upgrade available to all users later this year.

Your Tablet

Qkey Qkey

Qkey is compatible with any tablet with a USB port running Windows OS.

Portable Experience

The Qkey stores your personal information, eliminating the need to remember passwords...

A Mobile Experience on Your Computer

The Internet experience has been the same for nearly 20 years. Qkey enables a more contemporary experience that’s more like your mobile phone with intuitive touch navigation and one click access.

A Secure Solution for Mobile

The Qkey includes a Near Field Communications (NFC) antenna that supports secure mobile tap and pay transactions. The software upgrade necessary to enable mobile shopping will be available as an automatic free upgrade to all Qkey users later this year.

Secure Shopping on the Go

With Qkey you can experience more secure transactions everywhere you go. Use your Qkey to unlock your dedicated browser and shop confidently without concern your information will be vulnerable to hackers.

A Better Online Shopping Experience
and Strong Security

Qkey eliminates the hassles of online shopping today and secures your data with a familiar devices you already know and trust - keys and cards.