uQontrol Privacy Statement

Our business is to secure your private data and information with Qkey. We take this very seriously. The physical security of our servers, networks, and equipment is equally as important as data security.

That is why we own, control, and when necessary, custom-build our own equipment as well as employ the strictest security measures. The protection of our customers is what we do best.

Accepting payments may require us to collect of some very basic personal data such as email addresses and card information. This payment information is only shared with our payment processor, and only to complete the transaction to receive your Qkey. We do not hold your credit card information. We want to hold the least amount of data as possible.

We don’t share or sell your information with any third party. At uQontrol, your data is stored on your Qkey and only you have access to such data. We don’t store any personal PIN numbers or any other sensitive information. Again, all personal and sensitive information is stored on your personal Qkey and is controlled by you.