Sneak Peek 2021And Beyond

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Your Internet Re-Imagined

Our world is getting Smarter, Simpler and now more Secure. We are committed to helping you create a world you control and so we are continually developing an ever expanding suite of Qkey Features that are designed to amaze and support your personal safety.

Secure Your Personal Health Records

Access Them Wherever You Need Them

Protect those you care for right on your Qkey in your Pocket. Adding your loved ones Health Records to the Qkey Personal Health Record Vault will give you the peace of mind that you always have what you need, when you need it. SMART health records are essential for ease of care for your family wherever they may be.

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Mobile QOS

Taking Qkey Mobile, Is Just Smart

Since introducing Qkey for your PC we have expanded our focus to take Qkey Mobile, making your phone more secure. Our goal is to provide the same rich Qkey Security experience, seamlessly integrated with your phone over our encrypted Bluetooth.

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Geo Proximity

It's About You & Only You

Qkey's Smart Proximity gives you even more control of your privacy. All you have to do is download the Smart Proximity App and once you turn on the Smart Proximity setting, your Qkey just won’t work unless your phone is present.

Best of all, NO ONE can access your Qkey even if they somehow get the master password, if your phone isn’t present.

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Join The FIDO Community

Qkey is seamlessly expanding our community of security solutions with technology and organizations from around the world. A safer internet starts with you and the devices you control. FIDO “Fast ID Online” helps bring us closer to a safer internet. With FIDO you have partners working together to make your internet more secure.

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More To Come

But Always With Your Security In Mind

At uQontrol your imagination is just the beginning; like other mobile devices, PC’s, Phones, and Payment cards the applications are endless. Qkey security platform is limited only by our need for privacy and security.