Protect The Ones You Love

Qkey is more than just a key!

Qkey enables you to defend everyone you care about. Everything you do online from protecting your personal identity, access to your online accounts, your online shopping or billing payments, to your everyday online banking, anytime you go online. You can take the fear and apprehension out of everything you do online and secure your peace of mind.

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Protection For You And Your Family

Secure Everything You Care About With Qkey

Better protection for you and your family begins by adding the Qkey to everyone's key ring. You will be protecting and improving your family's privacy and security everytime they go online.

Don't Leave Home Without Qkey

Qkey Secures Everything You Care About

Qkey doesn't care if you are at home or at work or simply hanging out at your favorite coffee shop, it will protect you everytime, anywhere you go.

Your Parents Love Your Help

Qkey Will Make Sure You Are There,
Even When You Can't Be

Your parents did not grow up in a digital world and rightly expect more control and assurances online. They look to you for help with everything and Qkey can offer you their protection easily and affordably. Protecting their Privacy and their Finances is easy with Qkey. From simplyfying their access to all the accounts with just one password to remember and ensuring that all their prescriptions and health records are available on Qkey anytime they need them will give them control and peace of mind even when you can't be there.