With A Passion For Privacy

It was a great idea, not only for the obvious security and convenience, but I also loved that the user is more in control. Knowing they had a keen understanding of the internet and what users expect, I said “Are you willing to help make it happen?”

With a passion for Privacy along with years of Payment Card Security experience, it was clear this was no small challenge. The real challenge was how to do it!

So Began the Journey

Then we pushed the envelope even further “why don’t we eliminate the user names and passwords and make the experience feel more like a smart phone?” I said, “Why not?” and that was just the beginning.

So after years of development, with the support from over 30 seasoned developers from around the world, we created Qkey.

We hope you enjoy the Qkey® as much as we do and we look forward to hearing your personal story.

Christopher Maus, CEO Inventor

Join The Qkey Mission

Our Mission: To Reduce Cyber Crime by putting consumers back in control of there own privacy with affordable solutions that works on any PC. Qkey is committed to bring "smart security" to everyone online. Qkey helps prevent Cyber Crime before it happens. Because with Qkey, you Control.