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Smart “Chip” Technology Creates a New Era of Online Security

SANDPOINT, Idaho, uQontrol Inc., the creator the world’s first Chip and PIN payment and security key for online transactions, today announced it begins shipping Qkey uQontrol re-imagined the internet by putting the world’s first “smart” security key in the hands of consumers who seek to take back control of their online privacy... Read More

Qkey Puts Online Security In
Users Hands

A North idaho startup aiming to boost online security and a virtual reality company with Palouse roots are showing their tuff this week at CES, the flashy, cutting-edge gadget show in Las Vegas.

The international showcase for consumer technology and next-generation innovations is where you can check out at phone-app controlled cat food dispenser, a levitationg speaker and a "smart hairbrush" that tracks the health of your mane.
(About time!)... Read More

Cybercrime Prompts Startups To Think Outside The Box

LAS VEGAS - Ransomware, credit card breaches, and heists of millions of dollars worth of electronic currency helped push safe computing into the forefront of the nation's consciousness last year. We all have different ways of approaching it, from changing our passwords to mulling a complete abandonment of the internet and computers. Here at CES, multiple companies have taken innovative albeit fanciful approaches to safeguarding your personal information. First up is Chinese start up Tappy... Read More

Qkey Delivers A More Secured Internet

PHOENIX, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- uQontrol today announced the launch of the Qkey, the first chip and PIN product securing online transactions along with an entirely re-imagined intuitive online experience. The radically simple, removable device puts individuals back in control of their personal information online. Protected by multiple security layers and a dedicated secure browser, consumers can now shop without typing in web site addresses or passwords, filling out forms or entering credit card numbers;... Read More