The Experience You Expect

Qkey Smart Login

Forget the Passwords, your Qkey and one master password provides total access to all your online accounts. Qkey remembers all your usernames and passwords so you don’t have to. Qkey also creates strong complex passwords assuring you are protecting the most vulnerable point of cyber-attacks. Qkey also eliminates typing passwords, payment information, website URL’s, or even filling out shipping information when online.

The Security You Deserve

Qkey's SMART Wallet

Your Smart Wallet on Qkey stores all your cards in your Pocket. The same Chip Card Security technology used for in-store purchases, now goes online and simplifies your ecommerce transactions. Your cards are off-the-grid and on your Qkey. Now online payments are more natural and more secure.

Into The Future You Imagined

Qkey Smart Locator

Can't find your keys? Just click the Qkey Locator App on your phone. Misplaced your phone? Qkey doubles as your phone finder. Just press the Qkey home button twice and your phone will ring! And, most importantly, with Qkey's built in Crowd Locator you can rely on TrackR’s global network of owners to help you locate your Qkey too!

Qkey SMART Mail

For Privacy You Control

Qkey protects your email privacy with end-to-end encryption, eliminating any interference or unwanted scanning. Privacy is a fundamental human right and with Qkey you can protect your online information and stay as anonymous as you wish.

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Features Chart

The Computer From uQontrol That You Control

Features Chart

The Computer From uQontrol That You Control