A Computer On Your Key Ring

It's All About You

Qkey is plug-and-play; anywhere, anytime, on any Windows PC and best of all it’s 'off-the-grid'. Like your payment cards, it's in your pocket where it belongs. Qkey has its own computer, embedded browser, software application and most importantly, just like your credit cards, your own unique security-chip reducing the chance of a cyber attack. Qkey also reduces malware breaching your browser and prevents keyloggers. Most importantly Qkey creates and manages complex passwords reducing the chances of anyone breaching your online accounts.

Say Goodbye To Cyber Crime!

Your Online World Beyond Hackers

Physical separation has long been known to provide strong digital security, it’s a world beyond hackers. Now with Web 3.0 we enter the era of the 'disconnected web' and this is your new, secure online universe. SMART devices began with computers then phones; then Chip & PIN payment cards and finally to the last human element, your Keys! Qkey takes privacy to the next level providing a familiar platform, trusted technology and a rich experience that you can control your personal security with.

Security You Can Trust With SMART Qkey

Delivered On Your PC In Mobile Format

The mobile experience has been changing our Mobile world by creating an intuitive and easy to use interface. Qkey SMART key brings this icon based security interface to your pocket and to your desktop. You control your online transactions with the Qkey CHIP, protecting your sensitive information while at the same time minimizing the need to put in your information time and time again.

Protect Your Personal Security Online

Take Control Of Your Identity

Qkey’s CHIP puts you at the center of your online world and in control. Your sensitive information will be off-the-grid and protected; your information more private and secure, your own private web. Qkey’s CHIP emulates the security protocols used in Payment cards, Passport security and by Government organizations around the world. Qkey protects everything from your identity to your login credentials (passwords).

Keep Ahead Of Cyber Security &
Protection With Qkey's eBook
Physical Security

Your personal data is isolated and stored inside Qkey’s strong security chip and locked by your password.

Security Element

Qkey is based on security chip architecture (Infineon/12345 Certification level: CC: EAL5+). The firmware integrity is assured by cryptographic attestation.

Secured Browser

The dedicated browser application on Qkey significantly reduces the risk of malware attacks, while providing a more natural mobile navigation experience on any Windows PC.

Digital Keyboard

The Qkey virtual keyboard helps eliminate keyloggers recording your key strokes during an online session.

Touch Sensor (Multi-factor Authentication)

A single touch of the Qkey Smart Sensor creates a second-factor authentication, this confirms that you are physically present further thwarting hacker attacks.


Privacy Data stored on your personal Qkey is never seen or held by uQontrol or any other unrelated third party: your data is hard locked on QKey disconnected from the grid.

Zero Footprint (Sandbox)

Qkey runs its application internally, helping to mitigate PC vulnerabilities.

Prevents Malware

The initialization, restoration, and operations are preformed within the Qkey secured environment. Your private information is never in the clear.

URL Icons

Qkey Smart navigation creates a familiar, easy to use icon based navigation experience emulating mobile devices, while minimizing spoofing.

ID proofing

Qkey ID, like payment cards, driver license, and passport are personalized, helping to minimize the risk of manipulation.


Qkey generates strong complex passwords so you don’t have to. Now you are protecting the most valuable points of hacker attacks, your password.

Backup and Restoration

Your personal information can be backed up for easy restoration from either your PC or Cloud account and like the data stored on your Qkey, it’s always encrypted.

Single Sign-On

Your Qkey remembers all your usernames and passwords, your personal Qkey and One master password provides secure access to all digital accounts.

Important Note

The term “secure” is not to be considered as absolute since security is a relative term reflecting processes utilized to provide a level of isolation and separation for protecting things considered of value. Qkey provides a number of proven processes and techniques through a more user friendly experience to accomplish the goal. The Qkey works alongside with other security method such as antivirus software, identity monitoring, and protection services and is not to replace any methods being used. Qkey is there help increase security.