About Us

uQontrol has developed Qkey, a radically simple solution for securing online payments, while eliminating the need for hard to remember passwords. uQontrol see’s security as a product, not just a service. uQontrol, the developers of Qkey, have created a rich mobile user experience for the PC unlike anything seen on the market to date. uQontrol's key mission is an individual’s security, experience, and control of their online world. The Qkey puts the consumer in control for securely accessing their web accounts as well as securing ecommerce transactions. Qkey makes ecommerce transactions more natural, easy and familiar like traditional card-present transactions. The Qkey is a novel payment platform utilizing proven “Chip and PIN” card technology embedded on payment cards throughout the world. We simply applied the Chip (secured-micro) to the Qkey, then added a mobile "PIN Pad" app on the phone emulating the POS terminal for PIN entry.