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Seventy-three percent of Americans have been victims of cybercrime and its only getting worse. We all need to take back control of our online privacy but until now the options have been inconvenient or costly. Qkey makes online shopping easier, more intuitive and secure – and I meet people every day that tell me they will buy a Qkey the minute it launches just so they don’t have remember passwords anymore.

Online shopping is not secure and it’s full of frustrations with too many passwords to remember and forms to fill out. The Qkey secures online transactions and eliminates the need to key in passwords, urls or shipping information. With the Qkey – one master password unlocks a secure and hassle-free online shopping experience.

You can use the Qkey to shop securely at any online retailer. The key is compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10.

The Qkey is a radically simple new way to shop online and secure personal information. The Qkey unlocks a seamless, intuitive online shopping experience while securing payment data using the new Chip payment card technology. Just like inserting a credit or debit card into a store terminal, users simply insert the Qkey into any computer’s USB port for secured online transactions. The Qkey provides multiple security layers and a private shopping browser that eliminates the need to key in information that is vulnerable to hacking.


The Qkey stores an encrypted back-up file on your home computer.

The Qkey customer support team can help identify you as the owner and provide reset instructions.

The Qkey stores all your data on the key itself with an encrypted back-up file on your home computer.

Without your Master password…the Qkey is useless. And just like your ATM card – after a few failed password attempts the Qkey locks down– and only you can reset it.

The Qkey reduces system vulnerabilities with a multi-factor, layered approach to security- making online transactions very secure as well as radically simple. The layers include:

  • Individual authentication – one verified individual shopping on one Qkey – moves beyond a user created alias – creates a framework for trusted online transactions
  • One master password –unlocks a secure browser and there’s no longer a need to key in passwords, web addresses or your credit card number
  • Chip encryption – already proven to increase security worldwide
  • Physical captcha – verify your presence by tapping the key
  • Physical separation of the key from the network – when you’re done shopping you simply lock your browser and remove the key from the network

The chip contains encrypted information to increase data security when making transactions. Just as chip cards will increase your security at retail stores, the Qkey will make online transactions much more secure.

The Technology

Your dedicated Qkey browser is designed to secure your experience any time you’re shopping. You can continue to browse the Internet, read emails, share pictures – anything else you do online just like you do today. When you’re ready to buy – simply enter your Qkey and make payments in a secured environment.

The Qkey is radically simple to use. Just like inserting a credit or debit card into a store terminal, users simply insert the Qkey into any computer’s USB port for secure online transactions.  The Qkey uses the same chip technology created by Visa and MasterCard to secure retail transactions and it enables PIN entry through your mobile device. Users simply load their payment cards and shipping information onto their payment key and Qkey provides peace of mind when shopping online.

Ordering and Shipping

Your personal privacy is our number one priority. Your data is encrypted and stored on your Qkey with a back-up on your computer or in the cloud.  uQontrol never sees or stores any of your data. Only your Qkey can unlock your encrypted back-up data.

Set-Up and Usage

The Qkey is very durable and water resistant and is designed to be carried daily on a keychain or in pockets and purses.

Qkey is currently compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 10.

The system will walk you through the simple process of entering your account and shipping information and choosing your favorite web sites.

uQontrol credentials your Qkey in the exact same way a credit card company verifies your identity – by checking your name, addresses etc. against your payment card credentials (verified by your banking institution).



Enterprise Solutions

The Qkey provides unique secured technology. The Qkey is a physically controlled access device that has numerous potential applications beyond its current state. If you are interested in pursuing an enterprise solution, please contact uQontrol at [email protected].


That was Jimmy over at Hudson Creative – if you’re looking they are really creative, cost effective and a great group to work with – send them a message.