Why You Should Never Let Your Browser Store Your Passwords

Why You Should Never Let Your Browser Store Your Passwords.

For many people, passwords are a necessary evil. We know we need them for security, but still, they are often so cumbersome to remember. As a result, some people are tempted to use the same login information across all accounts. Doing so, however, potentially gives hackers access to all of your accounts. Once they obtain your login information, they gain an email address, username, and password combination that they can try on other websites.

For this reason, many people resort to using their browser password manager, as this removes the difficulty of having to remember all those unique, lengthy passwords. But can you really trust your browser’s password to secure your sensitive information? Below, we’ll outline what you should know before deciding to trust your browser’s password manager.

How Do Browser Password Managers Stack Up?

The risk posed by browser password managers is that they offer little if any protection should your computer be stolen or hacked remotely. It’s important to realize that should someone gain access to your computer, they could be able to access the login information to every account password stored on your computer, including banking institutions, payment gateways (such as PayPal), or cloud-based accounts (such as Dropbox files).

Every browser password manager is configured differently, with some offering more protection than others. For example, when the Chrome Password Manager is used on the Linux platform, it may be possible for Chrome users to view saved passwords without requiring a user password for access. For users of the Firefox Password Manager, regardless of platform, users are given the option of setting up a master password to protect their saved passwords; however, unless this setting is enabled, the default setting gives users instant access.

Qkey Password Manager

With the inherent weaknesses of browser password managers, a standalone password manager is the only choice if you want password security. At Qkey, our use of encryption technology makes it possible to feel confident in the security of your passwords in today’s age of cybercrime. Our stand-alone password manager not only eliminates the need to create and remember complex passwords, but the keys used to encrypt, and decrypt user data are secure and never accessible to anyone other than you—not even Qkey!

We put you back in control, allowing you to experience total security every time you access your online accounts or complete an online transaction. Our “SMART Login” can be used to transform your online security experience to a natural, familiar and secure, tap & go. Contact us to learn more about how Qkey can help you regain control over your privacy through the power of encryption!