What Is Encryption Technology and Why Does It Matter?

What Is Encryption?

With the increasing prevalence of identity theft and cyber terrorism, cybersecurity is more important than ever. A large part of cybersecurity is dependent on encryption technology. Encryption technology refers to the process of encoding data by making it unintelligible and scrambled, using algorithms.

This security method that is based on cryptography requires an encryption key to read the encrypted materials. This means that even if hackers manage to access the encrypted string of text, they would be unable to use it without having the key to decrypt it. Because most of the sensitive information that we seek to protect is accessed with passwords, having this encryption technology for password protection is extremely important for consumers.

Common Uses for Encryption Technology

Encryption technology is found in most things that work using an Internet connection and is particularly crucial for secure web browsing, online shopping, emails, or even accessing personal banking information. 


Reputable online stores should rely on encryption provided by SSL technology. Seeing padlock icons in your browser bar is a good indication that a website is using SSL measures or similar kinds of encryption. 

Accessing Emails

Google and many other email providers use various forms of encryption technology to protect sensitive information in your emails.

Online Banking Services

Few things are as sensitive as the information transmitted during online banking and most financial institutions deploy rigorous encryption requirements. Consumers typically see encryption technology in action when accessing accounts online or doing other everyday activities.

Using Certain Messaging Platforms

Encryption technology is also available in some messaging platforms, however its erroneous to assume that encryption is enabled by default. It’s essential to verify the app’s settings before sending sensitive information to others.

Qkey Can Help!

In today’s age of encryption technology, it’s possible to feel confident in the security of your passwords when you use Qkey. Our password manager not only eliminates the need to create and remember complex passwords, but the keys used to encrypt and decrypt user data are secure and never accessible by Qkey.

We put you back in control, allowing you to experience total security every time you access your online accounts or complete an online transaction. Our “SMART Login” transforms your online security experience to a natural, familiar and secure, Tap & Go.  Contact us to learn more about how Qkey can help you regain control over your privacy through the power of encryption!