What is Application Sandboxing?

What Is Application Sandboxing

When most of us hear the word “sandbox,” we tend to think back to the mounds of warm sand that we spent time in during childhood. However, the term is also relevant to the way we approach software management. Application sandboxing, also called application containerization, refers to a software management strategy that isolates applications from critical system resources and other programs for better security for the user. Below we’ll discuss more about sandboxing and the many benefits of this style of software management.

What is the Goal of Application Sandboxing?

The term “sandboxing” comes from the idea of a child’s sandbox, where all sand and toys are encased within the walls of the box. Likewise, the goal of sandboxing is for software developers to build infrastructure that isolates and shields the said application from outside malware or intruders, as well as system resources or other applications. When developers wish to protect an app from these influences, they can essentially wrap the app in security policies or even isolate each application in its own virtual machine. Because this style of application management limits the environment that certain codes can execute, the result is increased security whereby users are essentially prevented from accessing any environments that are beyond the scope of what they should be accessing.

Benefits of Sandboxing

The security benefits of sandboxing are far and wide, with software vendors such as Apple and Google capitalizing on its benefits in order to provide users with a secure application experience. Additionally, another benefit of sandboxing is that it provides a sort of “supplemental safety measure” to account for human error. Because software development is not immune to the pitfalls of human error, sandboxing provides another layer of added safety should bugs impose unexpected vulnerabilities. Bugs are essentially “encapsulated” into one sandbox and isolated within the application, helping to mitigate security risks.

Application Sandboxing with QKey

At uQontrol, we are committed to taking an approach to software development that puts your security first. We believe that application sandboxing is one of the many keys to offering you secure solutions that put your privacy first. Our zero-footprint application sandboxing means that we run our application internally, helping to mitigate PC vulnerabilities. We put you back in control, allowing you to experience the total peace of mind that comes from using secure applications you can trust. Contact us to learn more about how Qkey can help you regain control over your privacy and security through the power of application sandboxing!