What Is a Keylogger?

What Is a Keylogger?

Also known as keystroke loggers, keyloggers are a type of malicious software that monitors and records each keystroke made on a keyboard, saving the information on a remote file. Keystroke loggers can have valuable and legal uses, such as in the workplace to monitor the activity of teachers or other personnel, or being used by parents who need to monitor the Internet activities of their children. However, keylogging is mainly used in an illegal capacity for harm—essentially turning an individual’s computer into a surveillance device. As you can imagine, keystroke loggers are a valuable tool for hackers, who can decipher recorded keystrokes to learn passwords, login credentials, account numbers, and other sensitive information.

Hardware vs. Software Keyloggers

Keystroke loggers are either hardware or software.

  • Hardware Keyloggers: These are small physical devices that are placed between a keyboard’s port and plugs. These devices are usually relatively undetectable to an untrained eye, and they are less common.
  • Software Keyloggers: These are more common than hardware keystroke loggers, and as the name suggests, they work by way of software.

How Do Keystroke Loggers Get onto Your Computer?

Software keystroke loggers typically get onto your computer through downloads. They can act as “rootkit” viruses, embedding themselves into the operating system of your computer, or even your Internet browser. Many act as “Trojan” software and are hidden in free downloadable apps, only to infect your computer once they are downloaded.

How to Avoid Keyloggers with Qkey

The best approach for avoiding keystroke loggers is prevention. In addition to exercising caution when downloading anything online, it’s important to protect your login and payment information. Qkey offers a multilayered approach to protect your from keyloggers:

Digital Keyboard

Qkey features a digital keyboard that you can use to enter login and payment information to store on the Qkey. Already keyloggers don’t stand a chance!

Proprietary Browser

Qkey features a secure, proprietary browser, thwarting malware attacks and reducing the chance of your computer getting infected with a keylogger.

Safely Store and Retrieve Login Information

Qkey not only eliminates the need to create and remember complex passwords, it also eliminates the need for you to type them in to log in to a site—safely avoiding keyloggers. With just a tap, Qkey populates username and password fields for you.

Protect Payment Information

Qkey also protects your credit card information from keyloggers while shopping online. You can customize Qkey’s secure proprietary browser to navigate directly to your favorite shopping sites with just a tap. Once your items are in the cart and you are ready to check out, you simply tap which card you want to pay with. Qkey does the rest. No more typing your credit card information in over and over, eliminating the chance that information could be grabbed by a keystroke logger!

Qkey Puts You Back in Control

Qkey allows you to experience total security every time you access your online accounts or complete an online transaction. Our “SMART Login” transforms your online session into an easy and secure, Tap & Go experience. Contact us to learn more about how Qkey can help you avoid keyloggers!