How to Avoid Browser Security Threats

How To Avoid Browser Security Threats

Most of us use some form of an Internet browser every day. Whether it’s to pay a bill online, make a purchase from our favorite store, or research information about something interesting--we hop onto our favorite browser without giving it much thought. However, it’s the very features that make your browser convenient that are often the targets of hackers. Cookies, browsing history, and saved credentials can be treasures troves of sensitive information to nefarious individuals looking to target unsuspecting Internet users. We’ve put together a short guide outlining browser security risks you should be aware of as you surf.

Browser History

Your history on your browser might seem harmless; however, it can have major implications when it comes to browser security. A browsing history serves as a log of everywhere you go online. Were someone to gain access to it, they’d gain a glimpse into your habits and behavioral patterns. This information can be used to tailor phishing scams against you to trick you into giving your login credentials. When it comes to financial institutions or other sites where sensitive data or financial information is stored, the results can be disastrous.

Saved Passwords and Login Credentials

The risk posed by browser password managers is that they offer little if any protection should your computer be stolen or hacked remotely. It’s important to realize that should someone gain access to your computer; they could be able to access the login information to every account password stored on your computer, including banking institutions, payment gateway or cloud-based accounts. Using a standalone password manager that boasts encryption is the best option for improving your browser security.

Saved Browser Cache

Browser caches work by storing webpages locally on your computer to speed up browsing speeds. In short, caches are designed to make your Internet browsing experience more seamless, especially when visiting sites that you usually frequent. Browser security comes into play when hackers tailor malware to reflect the sites that you visit. Because your Internet cache essentially stores a record of everything that you view or download while on the web, they can tailor scams that are more likely to be effective.

Browser Security at Your Fingertips

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